Experiments in self-publishing. Browse some coffee table photo books, learn some recipes, or, for the dedicated among you, read my PhD thesis - Effective Framing in Design.

Photo books

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Beyond the Bay

We lived in California for nearly 7 years. While we were there we travelled to some amazing places. In this book we collected together the best shots from the best places we visited. If nothing else, check out the map on page 7 for some ideas. 2011.

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Rafting the Kongakut

A 10 day trip rafting the Kongakut river through Alaska's Brooks Range to the Beaufort Sea and the Arctic Ocean. 2007.

Cook book!

Dinners by the Bay

A collection of some of our favourite recipes from the 2000s.

Note taking

Note taking?? A curious fact is that one of my most differentiating skills appears to be my handwriting (to which I credit Jump Associates). Plus, I love sketching and visual notes. The combination makes notes that often make information more readily digested and many people seem to like. I've included some examples below, including my favourite, our mindmap travel journal. Embeds are thanks to the excellent Issuu.

Mindmap Travel Journal

At the end of 2009 we went traveling for 7 months across Central America, South-East Asia and South Africa. During that time we wrote our travel journal in the form of a mindmap. Take a look.

Read more about mindmapping, the journal and the travels.

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PhD Thesis

Last but not least, is my doctoral thesis from UC Berkeley where I studied how design teams frame problems to make things that people actually want. Made with Lulu.

Effective Framing in Design

Effective Framing in Design in the iTunes Bookstore, my PhD thesis studying how designers meet the challenge of designing products that people actually need.

Download Effective Framing in Design as pdf

Bibliography for Effective Framing in Design

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In an age of great opportunity our challenge is no longer just to invent technology but to use it in ways that help people, our society and the planet. Designers play a key role in deciding how technology is used - whether we produce products that end up in landfill, or meet people's needs time and again. This text is one further step towards understanding how design teams get on the same page about what people really need, the common pitfalls of design teams and how we can best avoid them. A number of studies support the development of the design path framework together with themes and principles for effective design team framing.


Relevant publications:

Design Team Framing: Paths and Principles, Hey, J. H. G., Yu, J., Agogino, A. M., Submitted to the Proceedings of the Design Theory and Methodology Conference, part of IDETC 2008

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