Tag 2.0 design iterations

Play the final version of Tag 2.0 (needs Java)

Tag 2.0 was a project for Greg Niemeyer's Game Design Class in Spring 2007. The goal was to recreate some of the fun of playground games that unfortunately, as adults, we rarely do.

A key part of playground games is their physicality. It's just really fun to run like crazy and tag someone. We even think back to the skinned knees with some nostalgia. This was hard to replicate in a computer game. Tag 2.0 goes some way to addressing this by squeezing 4 players as close as possible around a keyboard. Try playing with your boss. Games help break down barriers.

In playtests I tried to capture some of the action:

Thanks to the great playtesters

You can see some photos from some of the other awesome playtests on the Playtests Flickr pool.

Tag 2.0 was written in Processing. I am a mediocre java programmer and learned Processing along the way. It's a fantastic tool.

My game design assignments.


  1. Tag 2.0 (v8) Just better. (May 14th 2007)
  2. Tag 2.0 (v7) Now with two game modes and Bullies! (May 9th 2007)
  3. Tag 2.0 (v6) Now with Bullies! (May 9th 2007)
  4. Tag 2.0 (v5)
  5. Tag 2.0 (v4)
  6. Tag 2.0 (v3)
  7. Advanced tag
  8. First four player tag